I’m just a traveller…

Yes, in the very last months I was just a traveler. And flying back and forward is quite difficult to take the camera with me ( or… I’m too lazy to do it ).
However, I had a camera with me all the time… on my iPhone, but I was just afraid to use it, till I just made some shots. ( funny thing is that this happened in my own city, having my dslr camera in my backpack 🙂 ).

Definitely the result is not usable for a print quality, not at all but as an image for web… I like it.





5 thoughts on “I’m just a traveller…

  1. misto. dar prea fotografiat lipscaniu. in rahova de ce nu se duce nimeni? sunt si acolo miezuri artistice. nu trebe neaparat arcade, mosi cu baston si piatra cubica pentru poze misto, nu?

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